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by Eddy on October 3, 2008

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This is an illustration for Melbourne Child magazine. The article is about how parenting advice changes over the years and the idea comes from the following passage in the article

“In the 1970s we knew just how wonderful sheepskins were. Air circulated between the fibres; there was no suffocation risk. Sleeping on the stomach was healthier and more natural. Any mother who positioned their defenceless baby on its back was just asking for trouble.Why would you expose your little one to the risk of aspirating vomit?
I wouldn’t dare utter the word ‘sheepskin’ out loud now, and as for placing a baby on its stomach, that would be tantamount to placing it in the middle of a freeway. On the back is back…and that’s that!”

The linework is black faber castell pencil on detail paper. It gives a nice soft rough line. The scans were assembled in Photoshop with each element on a separate layer. Colour was added using adjustments layers and masks. More information on this technique can be found here-

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