by Eddy on April 6, 2009

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I have always loved the look of picture book illustration for the 1950’s and the UPA animation style. That’s the inspiration for this guy. Wasn’t sure what to call him but he looks like a George to me.

As usual this started on paper then redrawn in illustrator. Shapes placed on a separate layers and converted to compound paths then exported as a psd. When opened in Photoshop each layer appears as an adjustment layer with a mask. I then finalized the colours and added the textures.

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Bob Flynn April 11, 2009

Hey Eddy, I’ve been looking around your blog for a bit. Tons of great character designs and sketches. Nice progress on the girl front, though you seem to have it pretty much down…one thing I struggle with myself. Nice job adding the texture to this chap, too. Also, great that you share your materials and process with nearly every post.

eddycrosby April 11, 2009

Many thanks Bob

David Wilson July 12, 2009

I love the blog, keep the pics coming. If you love the UPA style, check out Nate Wragg. He’s the Pixar dude responsible for the amazing credits on Ratatouille. Also there’s an animation podcast that expired “Toon In” Animation Podcast.

See you around the blogosphere.

eddycrosby July 12, 2009

Many thanks David. I love Nate Wragg. He’s a wonderful artist.

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