by Eddy on June 18, 2009

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Here are some sketches drawn with brush and ink. The portrait of the girl (directly above) began has a pencil drawing in my sketchbook. It was scanned and printed out multiple times on a laser printer at 15% gray. This is a great way to practice your brushwork skills without having to redo the original drawing. The inking was done with a No. 2 Raphael sable brush and black India ink on laser paper.

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Jason June 30, 2009

Love ’em Eddy! I especially like the one w/ the woman holding the purse and gun. I can see color really bringing out the dark inks.

As far as penciling an image then inking over them ……sometimes I think it’s great to have to ink then reink an image…then reink it again….etc. There’s no way to get better than to redraw images. Each time you’re practicing your brush work….and if the piece is just a sketchbook images, you have the liberty to do it as many times as needed!

Keep sketching!

eddycrosby June 30, 2009

Thanks Jason,
i am slowly getting better at inking with a brush and as you say practice makes perfect. i am trying to get a similar brush effect on the computer but its not the same.

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