Hooded Girl

by Eddy on July 23, 2009

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Once I added the colour I couldn’t resist turning into a Little Red Riding Hood, albeit a heavily armed one. I usually scan the drawing at 600 dpi convert to bitmap mode and do all my clean up. Once thats done I re-sample it down to 300 dpi at A4 size. When I colour in Photoshop I focus on one area at a time, making adjustment layers for the base colour, shadows and highlights.

I have been doing some inking practice with a sable brush. The trick is to hold the brush as you would a pencil. Place your fingers around the ferrule (which is the metal bit between the hairs and the wooden handle). This makes the brush much easier to control and you can draw thin to thick and curving lines with one smooth movement of the hand. I also was constantly moving the paper around at different angles as i inked.
I learnt much of this from a great little video on inking by the comic artists Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd on their site Art and Story. It’s an extraordinary resource for anyone interested in making comics http://www.cvcomics.com/artandstory/
Check out their inking video here

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Mildred Ganias July 28, 2009


Excellent! ….A sexy spitfire.

eddycrosby July 28, 2009

Thank you Millie. Glad you like it.

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