Princess Leia Organa

by Eddy on August 26, 2009

in character design,girls,process

Here’s a few drawings of Princess Leia from my sketchbook. I usually begin by roughing out the figure with blue Col-erase blue pencil . I do this very lightly. Erasing heavy Col-erase marks leaves a waxy residue on the paper that’s hard to draw over.

Once I am happy with the lines I go over them with an HB pencil. Most of the drawings here have been inked with a sable brush. The one of her standing with arms folded was sort of inspired by the inking style of Darwyn Cooke.


This one was sketched out with a Faber Castell Tri-grip colour pencil which gives a nice deep black. Scanned it in at 24 bit colour RGB, 600 ppi. In Photoshop I adjusted levels, cleaned it up and placed the line work on transparent layer. Then reduced it to 300ppi.

I usually add colour with adjustments layers and masks but this time I painted directly on transparent layers. I was inspired by some Photoshop painting tutorials by illustrator Chris Oatley. I also used a set of his brushes that can be downloaded from his site. You can get them here.

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