Mother & Child progress

by Eddy on October 20, 2009

in process

Here are some progress photos of the Mother & Child painting I have been working on over the past few months. I began in May but this early attempt wasn’t working out. Out of sheer frustration I gesso’d over the top and started again.

I redrew her completely (shortened the length of her lower half, put the baby in profile and simplified the landscape). Finally it looked a little better.
Now it’s almost complete. I just need to add some leaves blowing across which will give it a better sense of movement.
Here you can see my first rough sketches.
Mother & Child, Acrylic on canvas. 24” by 48”

Mother & Child by Eddy CrosbyThe latest version (above). October 2009.

Mother & Child by Eddy CrosbyThis is after I redrew it. The red hair turned out to be bit over powering so she became a blonde. September 2009.

Mother & Child by Eddy CrosbyJust before I gesso’d over it and started again. June 2009.

mother_dev02My first effort. May 2009.

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Erin October 20, 2009

I honestly like both versions Eddy, I really like the lines of your first attempt, but I do see your latest version of being more visually appealing & the colours look great. Love the serene look on the womans face & the baby looks great too. And I know how hard it is to draw them!

sharon October 20, 2009

Ed, I love the final mother and child. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Would love to pop in and see it in the flesh.
My other one i really like in this series of attempts is the first. Completely different and almost cubist.
Your final mother and child is really beautiful.
thanks for sharing it. sharon

duriandave October 21, 2009

Hi Ed! You really nailed it with the final version. The quiet serenity of the mother gives the image more of an archetypal feel. Great work! 🙂

Eliza October 22, 2009

I love this painting. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

eddycrosby October 22, 2009

Thanks everyone for your kind words. This one has taken a while but its finally getting there.

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