Almond eyes

by Eddy on November 10, 2009

in character design,girls,sketches

sketch almond eyes 03
sketch almond eyes 02
sketch almond eyes 01
A few sketches I did today. I am trying to work out a pleasing eye shape and went for the almond or tear drop look.

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Brandon November 11, 2009

Love the texture of the rendering. The shapes are very nice too.

eddycrosby November 11, 2009

Thanks Brandon. By the way, I drew these PITT fineliners on cartridge paper.

Erin November 19, 2009

I like the first two girls best, especially the one with the high boots 🙂 Really nice curves, & the pointy bits work well too. I find it hard to draw girls sometimes & these shapes work really well. Nice one Eddy!

Nori November 19, 2009

Yeah the shapes are definately ace! I think I’ve seen these fineliners in the art store may go pick them up! Great work!

eddycrosby November 19, 2009

Thanks Nori. Both the PITT pens and Sakura Microns are the best fineliners i have used. i have recently discovered the Copic Multiliner SP which is a refillable fineliner and you can also change the nib. Oh brave new world!

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