The Tyranny of Distance

by Eddy on March 8, 2010

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Over the past month I have completed a few illustrations for Copeland Publishing’s parenting magazines (Melbourne Child, Sydney Child). This is a one of two illustrations for an article entitled ‘The Tyranny of Distance’ for the April 2010 issue.
In it a mum writes about how her three year old daughter connects with her young cousins who visit briefly from Italy.

Many of the magazine’s illustrations are in a cartoon style but for this one the editor Sean wanted to go for a more naturalistic, concept-based approach.
I decided to focus on the girl and show her in a reflective mood maybe thinking about her cousins who had just left on their long trip back home
I have roughly outlined my process below from thumbnails to final art.

Completed illustration
The completed illustration.

Final pencil drawing
My final pencil drawing that i scanned in at 600 ppi and then reduced to 300 ppi. I cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop and it was all ready to colour.

My final rough sketches. I was getting closer to the want I wanted with the one on the right. A sort of combination of my reference photos.

Development sketches
More developed roughs. A bit too close to my photo reference (left) so I went for a more impressionistic look (right).

Roughs for The tyranny of distance illustration
Early sketches working from my reference.

reference photos
This photo of a girl with her reflection was my main inspiration. Love the wistful contemplative expression. I wanted to get a similar feeling in the drawing. Photo reference from Flickr.

Thumbnails showing various compositions. Originally thought of including the Mother.
Sorry for the delay in updating but I was plagued with some major computer problems. Anyway it was finally resolved this week by having a new hard drive installed in my iMac. Everything working well now.

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Erin March 31, 2010

I picked up a copy of this yesterday Eddy and your illustration looks great. Well done, look forward to seeing more!

Eddy Crosby April 1, 2010

Thanks Erin.

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