by Eddy on March 15, 2010

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I am pretty happy to have illustrated this month’s story in Australian Woman’s Weekly (March 2010).
The story entitled Ambush is about a wife who finds out that her husband and faithful dog (Ambush) have been involved in a road accident. The husband is an old hippie type who loves riding around the neighborhood on his Harley with Ambush in a sidecar.

I began my rough sketches with trying out various compositions but the side on view seemed to be the strongest. The subject seemed to lend itself to a very definite foreground (dog in sidecar), mid-ground (man on bike) and background (stormy sky and lake) arrangement.

These three levels would also be emphasised by colour, with brighter colours to the fore and cooler colours making the background recede.

When i came to do my final pencil drawing i also treated each element (Man on bike, Dog in sidecar etc) separately and assembled them on layers in Photoshop. This gave total control with placement and i could easily change the sky.

Below you see the various stages.

Artwork assembled in Photoshop ready to be coloured (above).

Final pencil drawing on watercolour paper (above).

Colour rough that was approved by the client (above).

Rough sketches (above).

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duriandave March 16, 2010

Congrats, Eddy! Nice illustration. Glad you opened the dog’s eyes in the final version. Reminds me of my own dog, who is all eyes when I’m taking him somewhere in my car and he’s sitting in the from passenger seat. 😀

Eddy Crosby March 16, 2010

Thanks Dave for your kind comment. Yes the eyes can really show empathy and are often what people look at first.

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