Flash Harry

by Eddy on April 16, 2010

in character design,sketches

Flash Harry final 01
Flash Harry sketches 06
Flash Harry sketches 05
Did these ones very quickly in my notebook. (Above).

Flash Harry sketches 04
Trying to go for a more stylised look. Flattened out the character and worked on creating a distinct profile (Above).

Flash Harry sketches 03
Flash Harry sketches 01
Flash Harry sketches 02
photo reference of Flash Harry
One of the most memorable characters in the St Trinian’s movies is played by George Cole. Flash Harry is a long time friend of the St Trinian girls. He’s the archetypal cockney spiv always involved in shady deals. Definitely a shifty and crafty character.

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duriandave April 18, 2010

Nice sketches, Eddy! I love the sideways glances.

Eddy Crosby April 18, 2010

Thanks David, he is fun to draw.

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