by Eddy on October 31, 2010

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superhero final illustration
This is my entry for a “design a superhero” competition announced on Jonathan Rector’s blog. Check it out here.

This involved creating a superhero and writing a description including name, superpowers, and traits. My character is a small town hairdresser that has the power to change into crusading crime fighter.
Pitch: A small town hairdresser is caught in a nuclear test explosion in Los Alamos, New Mexico and transformed with super human powers.

Name: Hairpin
Real name: Betty D’Angelo (hairdresser and proprietress of D’Angelo Beauty Salon)

When Betty transforms into Hairpin her hair becomes a deadly weapon.
Her modest ponytail grows over 12 feet to become a lethal cat-o’-nine tails lash alive with an electric charge. All her senses are heightened. She gains strength, agility, and acrobatic prowess.

She compliments her superpowers with weaponry that she designs herself. Her favourites are a pair of modified hairdryers that can fire heavy ammo. She is also known to use a curling tong that can slice through metal.

Betty D’Angelo she is cool, professional, bright, ambitious business woman. She prides herself on being a great hairdresser with a loyal clientele.

As Hairpin she is sassy, head strong, arrogant, impulsive and sometimes over confident. She is more likely to fight first and ask questions later. She is also very sensitive about her hair or lack of it. Any comments about her baldness evokes her wrath.
My development sketches (below).

superhero sketch 03
superhero sketch 02
superhero sketch 01

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