Dino Girl

by Eddy on May 10, 2011

in character design,girls,process,sketches

dino girl colour 03Here’s a more painterly version.

dino girl colour 01Final artwork. Colour added in Photoshop.
dino girl ink 01Light boxed the final sketch onto bleed proof paper with blue pencil. Inked with Pentel brush pen. Scanned in at 300ppi, Removed blue lines and cleaned up in Photoshop.
dino girl sketch 03Placed detail paper over my original sketch and redrew it.
dino girl sketch 02My first rough sketch using blue Col-Erase pencil then refined with marker. A4 size. (Above)

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duriandave May 11, 2011

Cute! T-rex looks a little uneasy being topped by Dino Girl. BTW, good choice on closing the girl’s eyes in your final piece. I’m always amazed at how changing a small detail can make such a huge difference.

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