Suzie in Glad Rags

by Eddy on October 20, 2012

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Suzie quilt by Chris Jones

‘Suzie’ quilt by Chris Jones

Suzie by Eddy Crosby
‘Suzie’ vector illustration

This year, I was delighted to hear from Queenslander Chris Jones, a talented quilter and textile artist. Chris has created a new quilt based on one of my vector illustrations. As you can see the “Suzie” quilt looks pretty amazing and it’s definitely the first time I had a drawing turned into textile art! I love the bright red dress which definitely gives it a much more festive Chinese feel.

Chris’s piece was part of the Glad Rags exhibition showcasing the work of quilting group Purple Paddo Patchers. Check out Chris’s blog here where you can see more of her work and photos from the Glad Rags show.

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