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A few months ago I worked on the cover for Greydon Clark’s autobiography “On The Cheap – My Life In Low Budget Filmmaking”. Here’s some rough preliminary sketches and the final piece created in Photoshop. Greydon’s book is currently available on his website


First Born

by Eddy on September 15, 2012

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First Born - final artworkFirst Born - colour roughFirst Born - sketch 01
First Born. Initial sketch (biro on notepaper), digital colour rough (Sketchbook Pro/Photoshop), final painting (Photoshop).


I was recently commissioned by Victor Ng of Melbourne law firm Markwell to create illustrations for their website. Victor’s idea was to move away from the generic imagery that’s often associated with lawyers (e.g stock photos of businessmen shaking hands etc) and go for something different and distinctive.

Each image illustrates a heading “Bulletproof Branding”, “We speak human”, “No hourly rate, No surprises” in a style inspired by superhero and EC horror comic art. Attention was paid to bold line work and saturated colours so it would contrast well with the colour scheme and grid like layout of the site.

Check out the illustrations on Markwell’s home page

Bulletproof Branding

Bulletproof Branding

We speak human
We speak human

No hourly rate, No surprises
No hourly rate, No surprises

I’ve included the preliminary sketches for each illustration. The whole process was digital with the sketches and final ink created in Manga Studio. Colour was added in Photoshop.
Bulletproof Branding sketchesWe speak human sketchesNo hourly rate, No surprises sketches


Beat Girl

by Eddy on April 8, 2012

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Beat Girl 01Beat Girl 02Beat Girl (Photoshop sketches)


River Girl

by Eddy on September 4, 2011

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River Girl 06
River Girl 05
River Girl 04
River Girl 03
River Girl 02
River Girl 01
Digital painting (Photoshop).